Friday, August 12, 2011


 Luci washing her hair.
 A baby bear emerging from the tent.
 Bison.  We saw lots and lots of bison, a black bear and her two cubs, a grizzle bear, bald eagle, mule deer, and lots of birds.  We really wanted to see a moose and big horn sheep.

Lower Falls at Canyon Village.
Hiking down to Upper Falls.
Upper Falls at Canyon Village.

 Look closely.. you can see the stair we "hiked" down to see the Upper Falls.  Craziest hike I have ever seen down the side of a cliff.  It was about 330 stairs.
Midway Geyser Basin.

 Look closely - you can see the water boiling.  So fascinating.
 We wanted to get into this river so would have felt so good - the cool snow run off and the boiling hot geyser water running into it.

Watching us make dinner - just chillin'