Saturday, August 27, 2011

bald mountain.

 McKay sleeping in.
 Dallin getting us a morning fire going.
4 miles.
8 kids under 8.
6 adults {do McKay and Dallin count as adults or kids}.
3 hours.
The best part of this picture is Anna reaching for Addie's candy.

Aaron got up really early and hiked in on the Highland trail to meet his Priest for the end of their high adventure so Tiff braved Bald Mountain on her own - well, we had McKay and Dallin to help :)
 McKay planking
Simons Family Bald Mountain photo 2011 {see how are family has grown here and here}
Quinn Family cousins
Enoch (4), Addie (8), Anna (6 months), Bodie (5 months), Ira (20 months), Quinn (6), Jean (2), Truman (2)
The highlight of the hike - we saw a mountain goat!
Two happy sleeping children.