Sunday, August 21, 2011


 Addie did her first triathlon this weekend.  Like mother like daughter.  Tiffany has been doing triathlons since before they were popular.  
 a little coaching pep-talk from dad.
 all the kids lined up ready to go.

she swam two lengths of the pool {50m}.
 transition to the bike.
 Gregg was at the one mile bike marker to cheer her on with the boys.

 3 mile bike ride - as you can see she was in no big hurry :)
after the bike it was off on a one mile run. 
 Jean would not keep her clothes on .. not sure why?

 Jean trying to take her clothes off again!
Sharing popsicles after the big race.
Good Job Addie!

And good job Tiffany and Aaron.   They did a sprint triathlon the next morning {while I watched there five kids plus my two ... seven kids under 8 years old, no big deal}.  Do I dare blog about how Tiffany beat Aaron in the triathlon?!  You still got it Tiff after five kids - good job!