Thursday, August 25, 2011

butterfly lake.

 We met up with the Hopkinson's and Sharon & Ira {Anthony is still in China} for simple weekend camping trip in the Uinta Mountains.
{my dad came up to make us peach cobbler and Dallin & McKay joined us after their "other" Friday night plans!}
 Bodie rocking his new fedora.
 Anna rocking her pants as a hat to keep the mosquitoes off!
 Truman was so excited to go camping he couldn't sleep during his afternoon nap.  
{he is also rocking his new fedora - too cute.  I couldn't pass them up}.
 Ira excited to be with his Quinn Family cousins!
Does Enoch go anywhere without that bike and helmet?  I swear I have seen him in his helmet on more then off this summer.

Concentrating really hard on roasting a marshmallow.

What is wrong with this picture?!
Truman "roasted" and ate three marshmallows without a fire - impressive! 
I told my dad, it's all about the experience.
McKay planking ... himself?!
Aaron hugging ... himself?!
Flashlight lit tree.
After we put the kids to bed we had fun experimenting with my camera.  Aaron has a coworker who has an amazing photo of an arch at night lit by flashlights.  Here is our attempt at a very long exposure in-which we 'lit' this pine tree by waving our flashlights over it.