Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We traveled most of the day today - on our way to Yellowstone National Park with some friends for the weekend.  
 Looking for some animals out the window while sucking his beloved thumb.
 Truman is a thumb sucker.  He always sucks his left thumb with his hand sideways - then he holds his right thumb up by his upper lip - funny kid.  He was so good in the car today {as always - he is a really good traveler}.
 He was so excited {as was I} to finally make it to our camp site.  He was also very excited to wear his new backpack.  He held it on his lap in the car almost the entire way to Yellowstone.  The picture below is of him showing me his backpack and saying "mom, see, take a picture of my backpack." {I like how he is bent over for the picture}.

 Helping dad put up the tent.
 Bodie taking a pre-bedtime nap in the tent {he did awesome in the tent}.
We are camping with the Robinson Family.  Gregg and Kirk grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado together.  When Luci and Kirk got married they lived in Gregg's house in Ceder Hills {this was all before Gregg and I knew each other}.  Now they live in Castle Dale, Utah and we don't see them enough.  We decided to make it a yearly tradition to camp in the summer together with our families...many more adventures to come with our boys.