Thursday, August 11, 2011

Old Faithful.

 Truman and Gregg at Black Pool by Yellowstone Lake - look at the color of the water.
 Old Faithful. Before and during.

Boiling mud.
The geology of Yellowstone is so fascinating.
 The lodge pole pine is the tree of Yellowstone.
 We have a tree hugger   - Truman kept hugging and kissing the trees...random.

 We found these man-made tree seesaws by our lunch spot.  
 A stroller is a must-have for Yellowstone.  There are board walks everywhere.  We walked miles on the boardwalks with the kids and they loved it.

 Mammoth Hot Springs.
 The original Yellowstone entrance {the north entrance}.
Yellowstone is the first National Park - over 2 million people visit each year.
Bodie learns to suck his thumb!  I have two thumb suckers.
 So happy to be outdoors - Truman and Bodie were both so good and so happy to be outside for the weekend.