Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This morning Truman had his two year well child check up with Doctor Haderlie.  It was more of a well 'sick' child checkup.  It was a long night of the throw ups at our house.  Bummer way to spend your 2nd birthday.  As far as Truman's 'well child' check up everything looks good.  I had to laugh when the doctor asked if Truman could throw a ball {as part of his fine motor skills development} yep!  He can throw a ball just fine!

As for the sickness - just a bug.  Truman got a small shot of phenergan in his thigh to help him stop throwing up.  It worked - he slept ALL day.  He got up at about 12:30 for a small drink and again at 4:30 for a little pedialyte and some dry cereal.  He is back asleep again.  I had never heard of giving a child phenergan to help them stop throwing up.

25 pounds 6 ounces | 33 inches tall