Saturday, April 2, 2011


I got the best message on my voice mail yesterday.

The message was from a member of the church who lived in Downy, California {she has since moved to Arizona}.  She called to tell me that a family I helped teach the gospel to on my mission was baptized {about a year ago} and last month they were sealed together as a family.  I served in that area over seven years ago {I can't believe I have been home that long - makes me feel old}.  The picture above is of me, the member {Judith} who introduced the gospel to her neighbors and the 16 year old daughter {Vanessa} that was baptized after we taught her about the gospel in 2004.  The mother was also ready to be baptized back in 2004 but the father asked her to wait until he was ready; I just thought that was an excuse and that they would never be baptized so I was shocked to hear that they were both baptized and had prepared themselves to be sealed.

So cool!

I guess you could say the seed was planted 7 years ago when my companion and I first introduced them to the gospel - thanks to this great neighbor who was a member missionary.