Friday, April 1, 2011


I am not much of a joker - but I got Gregg this Aprils Fools Day good
{at the expense of my brother Nate and his fiancé Lauren}.

Today I called Gregg at work and told him the wedding was off.

He believed me.

He felt so bad that Nate and Lauren where not getting married anymore.  He immediately texted Nate to see if he was okay and if he wanted to go to lunch to talk about stuff.  Then Gregg called and canceled our babysitter for the night {Lauren received her endowment tonight and he figured that if the wedding was off then we would not be attending the temple tonight}.  He was excited that he wouldn't have to go to his tux fitting appointment anymore!

When I found out he canceled the babysitter for the night I had to tell him that the joke was on him.
He still can't believe I got him so good.

{picture above: Gregg's not so happy face that it was all a joke and he still had to go to his tux fitting}