Tuesday, April 19, 2011

happy 2nd birthday truman.

Today is Truman's 2nd birthday.  It stared out with some gift opening in bed.
Gregg asked Truman what he wanted for his birthday breakfast - he wanted waffles.
Truman wasn't to sure about candles in his breakfast.

 I had the perfect '2' picture in mind - but sometimes you don't always get the picture you hope for :)
We invited some friends and family over for a casual play date and lunch to celebrate Truman's birthday.  Unfortunately it snowed  so the play date happened in our great room.

Basketball, football, soccer and baseball candy Easter egg party favors.
That face - Gregg's child for sure!

Baby Anna
 There must be a story behind this!

 It was all fun and games until Truman threw up all over grandma Quinn.  He had showed no signs of being sick all morning.  He slept all afternoon and threw up about 8 more times before going to bed.