Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ski Season.

We finally made it to the ski slopes.  This year Pete get's to ski with us.
He loved it despite the fact that it was such a cold day.
{I kept adding hats, cloves, and eventually my neck warmer trying to keep him warm}.
Pete and dad.
Cute and cautious Bodie.
I love how independent he is getting.
All Pete wanted to do was ride the chair lift.
He was SO happy.
McKay and Truman skied a few runs together.
I love these two boys!
I love that McKay has such a positive influence in our boys' lives.
And they are off.
McKay and Pete came down first like this - Pete has his arms over McKay's poles.
It's a great way to get Pete more comfortable on his ski's
Such a good uncle.
Here's to a great season.