Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Our Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas as a family today {and by that I mean Gregg and I and our kids + we invited both of our parents over}.
We decided to do it this way this year because we have a lot family in town for the holidays.  Instead of everyone trying to bring gifts in the car and on the airplane we decided that only Santa would visit on Christmas morning and that he would only bring a few small stocking items.
{Can you imagine 32 + people times all those presents = crazy}.
We decided to celebrate today because it is our first day of Christmas vacation.  That way the kids will have all these fun new toys to play with all during vacation :)
Our elf in his trap for the kids.
Traditional pull-a-part cake that I put together the night before and bake while we open presents.
Morning commotion.
This is the only picture I got with grandparents in it.
Bodie was so excited about this train set he gave to Pete.
My cute little firefighter.
Grandpa and grandma Simons gave the boys these new soccer goals.  They will be great in the basketball court this winter and in the backyard this summer.
Bodie got a new remote control car.
Pete {oreo face} got new light up police and firetrucks for his neon track.
 Pete got this track last year from grandpa and grandma Simons.  You know it's a good gift when a year later he is still playing with it and you have to replace the car's because they are worn out!
Truman was introduced to the world of Architecture Legos.
That's a funny face Norah!  She was just along for the ride.
Pete made us all breakfast in the kitchen.
Dad's yummy breakfast.
Bodie discovered a great place to sit so we can't see him driving his remote control car around.
Truman got right to work reorganizing his lego room.
My cute little firefighter.

That is it - those are all the pictures I took of the day :)
We hung out all day playing with our new toys and enjoying each other.