Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Sunday 2016.

The best part about Christmas was that we got to attend church all together as a family.

back: Camille, Norah, Gregg, Esther, Anthony, Eliot, Nathan, Hazel, Dallin, John David, Becca, Rachel, McKay, Quinn, Aaron, Addie and Tiffany

front: Bodie, Truman, Sharon, Ira, Lauren, Tagg, Valine, Valley, Paul, Pete, Nelson, Enoch, Jean, Anna.

Grandma and Grandpa Quinn with all the grandkids.
A picture with Grandpa and grandma Arave.
Tiff had me snap this picture of her family - I love how it turned out.

Quinn, Addie, Anna, Valley, Tiff, Aaron, Nelson, Jean and Enoch.
Gregg asleep Christmas night .. I am glad he liked my gift to him :)