Monday, December 12, 2016


Truman entered the PTA Reflections competition at school a little over a month ago.  A few days ago I got a call letting me know he had won for his age group and category and that he would be recognized during the morning announcements.
I went to the school this morning to be there when they recognized him.  Here he is walking down the hall to the office after his name was read - and pictured above is when he first saw me in the hall.  Surprise!
All the kids who won gathering in the office.
Pete loves being at the school with all the kids.
He was awarded with these fun art supplies.
I love that happy face.
Pete likes the winnings.
Brotherly love.
Off to class with his winnings!
I am really proud of his hard work and really happy he received this recognition.
Norah came along for the adventure too!