Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wedding Photos.

  McKay and Rachel got their wedding photos back and I wanted to share a few favorites.
They are all amazing - I loved their photographer.
I wish SO bad that this picture was of our entire family ... we are missing my amazing sister-in-laws and lots of the kids.
Our goofy picture.
 I love these two!
And I am so happy they will be living close while they finish school.
Our family.
I think this might be our first family picture as a family of six.
 Mom and Dad.
Payday - all six kids married in the temple and happy.
Here is a picture with Rachel's family {left side} and the family of ours that was there {right side}.
 All the kids always want to be with McKay and Rachel!
 This is Rachel's beautiful family.
She is the first one to be married.
 The smiles say it all - my dad is NOT taller than McKay!
 Baby brother getting married!
 Goof balls.
 I later found out that Rachel was mad that they were being goof-offs and didn't take a serious picture.  I guess that is the way they act when their wife's aren't there!!!
I am so, so SO happy I got to spend the day with all my siblings.
I love them all so much - we have a blast being together.
Anthony, me, McKay, Tiffany, Nathan and Dallin.
 Poor Norah had no idea what was going on all day - she was a trooper.
 My mom and her sister Marie.
 The grandkids that were there.
The Hopkinsons.
The most beautiful flowers.

 Dallin and Mabel who is 101.
 Three generations.  Grandma Quinn, my dad and McKay.
Grandpa and grandma Arave.
 Anthony was missing his own kids so he snuggled Pete.
My beautiful grandma Quinn, we missed my grandpa Quinn.
I love my family - I am so sad we were missing some of them.
I am so happy for these two!