Friday, June 3, 2016

Truman: Last day of 1st grade.

Truman's first and last day for 1st grade - he's still posing the same way 9 months later.
I love this kid.
He has had such a great year with wonderful teachers.  He never complains about going to school or doing his work.  He set a really high English reading goal at the beginning of the year.  He worked really hard all year and made his goal, he is pretty excited about it.
{My kids are into doing the "peace" sign in pictures right now, they call it "the Japan sign"}
He has been working SO hard trying to figure out how to solve a rubix's cube.  Yesterday he took it to school and at lunch recess his teacher asked to see it and then proceeded to solve it in 2 minutes.  Truman was mesmerized!  He has since watched his teacher solve it several times - he has learned something new each time.
I snuck over to the school to take pictures with his teachers.
This is his English classroom.
Mrs. Cook {who is retiring}
Spanish classroom.
Maestro Shepherd and Truman.

I went against my own policy and only took one picture - and our course Truman wasn't look in the picture with Mrs. Cook and his eyes are closed in the picture with Maestro Shepherd - serves me right, I was in a hurry.

Truman was really sad to go to school today because it was his last day.  He shed a few tears over breakfast about it!  Great first grade year.