Thursday, June 30, 2016


At the beginning of the month my friend Donna and I went over to the school with these posters for the 1st grade dual immersion kids to sign for their teachers. 
It was fun for the kids to each take a turn sneaking out of class and signing these posters for their teachers.
McKay sent this picture to our family of him and his buddies attending the temple for the first time with their friend Jason as he received his own endowment.  So cool.  
Wedding prep - white toes for the girls and ties for the guys.
We met McKay at Target for some shopping one day.
Pete HATES to sit in the cart more than any of my other kids - on this day we discovered that he hates sitting in the cart because he hates sitting backwards - when he sits like this he is so much happier :)
It makes sense - he can see where he is going.
Bodie, my gun loving boy.
Truman wanted to make this sign for his buddies Luke and Jake - they sent this text picture to him in return.
Great Grandma Arave with Norah.
Great Grandpa Arave and Pete
{I love this picture}.
Summer reading!
Found this picture on my phone taken by Truman.
I do not understand the Pokemon phenomenon.
We have a two year-old in the house.
Practicing the piano at grandma's.
Carter and Truman and the alligator at the pool.
Pete's favorite pass time - hanging out with dad .. and mowing the lawn.
Becka and my new niece Lucy came to see me one night while they were in town.
Some neighborhood teenage girls are doing some summer classes.
This day they learned "all about me".
Summer can be exhausting.
One of my mission companions, Sister Breinholt {it's still hard to call her Ashlee} had a baby a few weeks after I had Norah.  Her baby was almost two months early, he spent some time in the NICU.  She lost her dad a few days after her son was born and she moved into a new house.  Lots going on for her!  I visited her once in the NICU but now that things have settled down I drove out to see her new house and see little Collin.
You never know what you might find in the halls of church!
These dads were good sports.
Now that winter is over this little guys is ready for Nursery.
There was no way that Pete was going to let Grandpa mow the lawn without helping.
One afternoon McKay had Pete at BYU ... I got this text that said, "he likes when we go really fast"  Great, thanks McKay for cruising the streets of BYU with my 2-year old {an NO HELMETS}.
Cousins were in town so we hit up the park together.
Ender, Truman, Lincoln and Bodie.
Found Bodie in Norah's bed one morning when she was suppose to be napping.  I can not get over how much these boys love their sister.
When the kids get a hold of my iphone I find pictures like this ... 
luckily I am covered so I am going to go a head and keep this picture and remember these days!
Pete is just barely tall enough for the strider.
Dad fixing an ouch.
3 months old and already enough hair for a clip!
I love, love, love, love, love mom!
Truman wrote this one morning - I kept it there as long as I could.
Waffle love with a girlfriend one night!
Kids were in bed and the dad's stayed home.
I can't get enough.
Norah was out {dead weight} one night on me - I couldn't put her down - I walked around the house and tried to get as much done as I could with one hand.
I spy someone snitching in grandma's strawberries :)
Bodie loves fresh fruit from the garden.
"do you think grandma will get mad at me?!"
Pete loves shoes - he is my only kid who always wants to be wearing someones shoes.
Blue bath balm.
Toys on grandmas back patio.
Looking at grandpa working in the field on the tractor.
Our first look at baby John David and Becka.
Dallin is a dad!  He is going to be the best dad.
And don't you think he looks good in scrubs?!
Morning Ranger ride with grandma around her property to see her flowers and garden.
One night we stayed at the pool until bed time - we showered the kids and put their PJ's on before we left.
I love how Pete hangs out - legs crossed and two fingers in his mouth.
I kind of feel bed for taking this picture - kind of.  But I also want to remember it - Bodie can get so worked up and MAD and this is his best mad face.
Just chilling with four kids!!!
A few days this month I was feeling overwhelmed by my parenting and the lack of 'progress' I though I should be seeing with one specific kid.  Gregg and I had talked a lot about what to do - I also sought some advice from my mom and my sister.
Tiff suggested I read this book.  "Have a new kid by Friday" by Kevin Leman.  I downloaded it and listened to the entire book in two days.  The point of reading {or in my case listening} to the book wasn't necessarily to have a new kid by Friday like the title implies but to take some of the advice that worked for our situation and try to work them into our lives.  It was a good "refresh" to listen to it and try some new things.
Pete at the pool in his new floaty swim suit {insert laughing emoji here} :)
My intention was to put his normal swim suit over the ghetto swim bottoms but Gregg thinks he looks cute like this!
One night I was going around the house picking things up/putting them away and talking on the phone with my cousins Lindsey.  When I went into our room this is what I found - super sleepy Gregg.
This is the direct result of a lazy boring summer day.  The kids were laughing their heads off trying to put one as many pairs of underwear as they could ...
I have no idea.
But they thought it was so funny.
One Saturday night Grandpa Bob and Grandma Lynn came to watch the kids while we ran to SL to a wedding reception.  The kids were all in bed, showered, fed and ready for bed.  Grandpa and grandma jumped in bed with them to watch a new movie.  Everyone in my family makes fun of how our bed is the central hang-out in our house.  That just the stage of life we are in!  And we love it!
Walked into the wedding reception and found my sister and brother-in-law there.  Wedding crashers!
Aaron has 7 of his own kids but as soon as he saw us he grabbed little Norah to give her a snuggle - he is a good and kind uncle.
After the wedding reception Gregg and I went out for a late dinner to his favorite place, Buffalo Wild Wings.
Grandma Quinn showing my kids her hidden talents.
This is Pete's favorite place in my parents yard to sit in the dirt and play trucks.
McKay and Rachal look so natural with all these kids - they are destine to have a few of their own!!!
Best summer drink out there.
I like one in bed before I go to sleep.
Snuggled up.
Pete likes to help with the dishes.
Ben and Truman off to make bottle rockets at a camp put on by the cute High School science teacher {I say "cute" because the kid [teacher] looks like he is about 12 ... I must be getting old}.
Pete likes to sit on the porch every morning - like an old man.
I am super excited and kind of proud of these hollyhocks growing from seeds I planted.
I see you Bodie.
Exhausted Bodie - he still naps a few afternoons a week.
This afternoon he was laying on the sofa watching me do some food prep in the kitchen before he fell asleep.  So sweet.
Truman, Bodie, Crew, Sawer and Pete
All attempting to sit quietly for scriptures before bed.
The biggest slug I have ever seen on my run one morning - I took this picture to show the boys.
Nelson and Pete showing grandma how they can go on the potty :)
It's the simples things!
I am not sure how sanitary this is?!
And finally Gregg and Norah chillin'