Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wedding Day.

It's wedding day and we started the day by sharing old wedding photos on our family GroupMe.
Anthony, Dad, McKay, Mom, Tiffany, Aaron, Camille, Nathan and Dallin
The first wedding.
June 2000
Dallin, Tiffany, Baby Quinn, Addie Aaron, Anthony, Dad, Me, Gregg, McKay, Mom
Our wedding day
May 2005
Sharon and Anthony's wedding day
April 2007?
Nathan and Lauren's wedding Day
April 2011
McKay and Nathan on Nate's wedding day.
We didn't get any pictures of Dallin and Becca's wedding.

Here is how McKay and Rachel's wedding day went ...
I woke up to my brother Dallin tapping me on the shoulder and telling me it was time for a morning run!
Love my brothers!
The best part of our run today was that Truman and Bodie joined us on their bikes.
Dallin and Anthony.
I sure wish they lived here so we could run together everyday.
Nate was somehow absent on our run ...
McKay road my beach cruiser ... that was a sight!
I wanted my brothers {most specifically Dallin and Anthony} to try this yoga/pilates that Gregg and I have been doing so after our run we did yoga.  McKay only made it through about half before he decided he didn't want to be sore the next day.
Back at my parents house everyone had breakfast.  I stocked my parents fridge and pre made this breakfast casserole since they had no food after being gone for a month.
Wedding day prep - not sure what is up with the sunglasses.
Rachel texted our family this picture of her, a sister and brother on their way to the lunch and said, "on our way"
It quickly prompted this picture from McKay and my brother's    on their way.
Here is our "on our way" pictures with two sleeping kids.
The first item on the wedding agenda was a wedding lunch at the Lion House.
My mom asked me to take some photos - I snapped a few but was mostly busy taking care of my family.
Nate and Enoch sat at the Simons Family table - the kids got etiquette lessons from Nate!
Cheers to the happy couple!
Bodie wanted to take a picture of Gregg and I ... it ended up being a video :)
Here is a screen shot.
The oldest and youngest.
We had to recreate a few old wedding photos.
The picture on the left is McKay sitting on Aaron's lap at Tiffany and Aaron's wedding lunch.
Picture on the right is the recreate!
It's a reoccurring thing!
Here is Addie sitting on Gregg's lap at our wedding lunch.
Pete checking out the view.
We have this family thing about Quinn men holding their wives big bags.
Had to document Nate holding my mom's big bag!
Headed to the temple.
The wedding itself was beautiful.
Our long time family friend Richard Cook sealed McKay and Rachel.  He has married everyone in the family except Tiffany and Aaron because he and his wife were mission presidents at the time.
We are all super happy to have Rachel as part of our family.
Rachel with one of her sisters.
Rachel's little brother.
They hired the most amazing wedding photographer so I am excited to see all his photos in another couple of weeks.  I didn't have much time to take photos because I was busy with my own family - we had to rush to get ready for the reception after a few temple photos.
This is one of McKay's best friends form high school who was baptized by McKay last year - he is getting married at the end of the month.
Quinn, Addie, McKay, Rahcel, Jean and Anna.
All the boys.
Bodie looks thrilled about this picture :)
Bodie was so interested in watching McKay and Rachel.
Here he is watching as their photographer takes photos.
Bodie, Enoch, Truman.
After this I didn't take a single picture :(
We rushed to change into our 'reception' clothes.
We took loads of pictures outside the Joseph Smith Memorial building with Rachel and McKay and all our families.
I am excited to see all the wedding photo from the photographer.  As a bonus hopefully we got a good picture of our family :)

I above picture was taken at Nate's wedding 5 years ago of all six of us.
This picture taken today might be one of my all time favorites.
We don't all get to be together very often anymore.
I love my siblings - being all together in the temple today was amazing.