Sunday, June 5, 2016

Norah's Blessing.

Today Norah was blessed at church.
We decided to take advantage of having family in town for McKay and Rachel's wedding to bless Norah.

Gregg dressing Norah.
Stopping for some smiles with dad!
Don't forget the bow!
Gregg is hilarious about making sure Norah always has a bow on.
Church was great and Gregg did a beautiful job blessing her.
We had lots of family and friends there to support us.
 Norah was blessed in my blessing dress.
It was made by my mom from her wedding dress.
After church we celebrated my grandma Quinn's birthday {Norah's great grandma Quinn}.  We fed my brother's and dad before everyone had to catch flights back home.
My parents brought that chocolate from Europe to share with everyone.
Nathan, Anthony and Aaron.
Tiffany and Valley.
Anthony, grandma Quinn, Tiff, Nate and Aaron.
Saying good-bye to my grandma Quinn on her birthday before she had to leave to go home.
Thanks McKay and Rachel for the beautiful flowers!!!
We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with our friends the Robinson's who came up from Southern Utah for the blessing.
The kids had fun playing outside all afternoon while we chatted with Kirk and Luci.
Molly and Norah {they are about 6 weeks apart in age}.
They are destine to be buddies.
They both have three older brothers and are the 'baby' of the family.
I snapped some photos of Molly for Luci.
Pete wanted his picture with Molly.
Love for Molly.
Xander and Molly.
It was a beautiful day.