Friday, June 3, 2016

Bachelor Party.

The Bachelor Party.
Nathan, Anothony, Aaron, Dallin, Brock, Gregg, McKay, 

Anthony, Nathan and Dallin all flew in tonight for the wedding {my parents also flew in from being in Europe for the month} - they all met in Salt Lake for the bachelor party.
 They did one of those "escape rooms" where you are locked in a room and have to solve a bunch of problem to escape. They sent the picture above and titled it "when we still had big egos"
Unfortunately {and to our total surprise} they didn't solve all the problems in the allotted hour.
At about 11 PM they texted me this picture and said, "Happy National Donut day ... we hope you are still awake"
Gregg and my four brothers together :)
The car ride ... not all the donut made it back to my house ...
Aww... serious sibling love.
I love these guys SO much ... I am so happy we are all together.
{Nate, McKay, Ant, Dall}
What a HUGE day ...
And it is only the beginning.