Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Truman turns 7.

Happy 7th Birthday Truman.
 I was out on the sofa when Truman woke up this morning - I saw him walk toward our bedroom door and then stop and walk over to the fireplace in the great room.  We always leave birthday/holiday presents on the hearth.  I think he forgot for a moment that it was his birthday!  I was happy I got to see his face when he saw his new bike (pictures below of the bike).
 Opening presents in mom and dad's bed with the help of little brother Bodie.
He is a pretty low-key kid without a lot of expectations - even on his birthday. 
 When I asked him yesterday what he wanted for his birthday meals he said, "Mac-n-cheese for breakfast and pancakes for dinner."
 He was over the moon about getting a new "gear" bike for his birthday.  I think this is the third year in a row he has gotten a bike for his birthday!  It was better than Christmas morning for me - we bought his bike months ago and have been hiding it in the storage room.  We have been out riding for a few weeks and every time we do I got excited about giving him his new bike.
 He looks so big in these pictures ...
We rode bikes before school!
The bike is also from Grandpa Bob and Grandma Lynn.  Grandma stopped by before school to see him ride it.

Cute Bodie asked to be in on the picture too!
I love how Bodie is in his PJ's, shoes, backpack, gloves and helmet just to ride Truman to the bus - then he comes home and gets ready for his school which starts 30 minutes later.  He is a good little brother who is always so supportive of Truman.
Off to the bus we go.
I think I have mentioned before that Pete LOVES to be outside.  He got his "bike" out of the garage as soon as he saw us all heading outside.
 As usual he had to get both "bikes" out of the garage.  His legs are still too short for the strider bike.
Truman didn't want to go out to lunch for his birthday, he wanted me to come have lunch with him at school.
 I picked up Bodie from school so he could go with me.
Bodie, Truman, Jake and Luke Write.
 I went to recess with him too.
 They play the craziest most unorganized game of soccer that I have ever seen every recess.
In Spanish class his teacher made him this balloon dog for his birthday.
Truman came home from school with this darling posted that he filled out about himself.
And this card that his classmates all helped make.
Each page was created by a student.  Talk about a cute class card and self-esteem booster - Truman was so proud of the card and all the nice things his friends had to say about him.  He asked if he could hang the card "really close to my bed"
His picture and note to himself  :)
Note {above} and picture {below} from his friend Jake.
Note from the girl he has a 'crush' on.
I don't even know how he knows what a crush is.
A note from a mystery girl that had Truman blushing just a bit.

After a quick after school snack it was off to a soccer game..
For this little guy there was nothing better than a soccer game on his birthday.
 I am not sure about this move!  Poor Luke is taking cover.
 We were in charge of treats today for Truman's birthday - how appropriate.
After soccer we had pancakes for dinner and "cake"
All Truman wanted was vanilla ice cream for his cake.
 After showers and before bed we took these quick photos to remember how big he has gotten this last year.
At age 7 Truman weights 44 pounds and is 46 inches tall.

Truman loves school, especially learning Spanish.  He has become a great reader this year and can now read independently, i's fun to see him read to Pete and Norah.  He rides his bike to the bus stop every morning and loves to make plans to play with his friends after school.  He still loves any sport involving a ball.  He has also become quite the pianist this year - he plays the piano daily without being asked and is especially excited about the composition he wrote himself of an upcoming performance.  He will eat pretty much anything, he especially loves pancakes with syrup and LOTS of whipping cream.  His current obsession is Pokemon cards {why??}.

He is a great oldest child - Happy Birthday Truman.