Saturday, April 23, 2016

Becca's Baby Shower.

Today my mom, Tiffany and I hosted a baby shower for Becca and baby boy Quinn.  We missed not having Lauren and Sharon with us :(When people first arrived we asked them to fill out a card with baby/ mom advise for Becca.  Someone did this for me at one of my showers and I loved it.  Becca got some really good advice.

We served lots of fruit, veggies, a big green salad and some strawberry french toast.  And cheesecake for dessert, how could we forget!
 Baby cousins, Norah and Valley.  They had similar outfits on {although you can't see in this picture} and similar binky animals. 
Me, Norah {1 month old}, Valley {7 monhtes} and Addie.
Tiff came up with her five girls and spent the night.
 It was a busy Saturday with a State RS event and it was Prom here in the Valley - but despite all that we had a great turnout.  Becca is well loved in her ward!
 Eric Carle blanket from my mom.  Becca loves Eric Carle and is planning to do a nursery with this theme.

Becca had a flight to catch so after the shower she was off to the airport.  The ladies stayed and chatted forever!  My dad and I were finished cleaning up {including all the dishes} and ladies were still sitting around talking.