Sunday, April 3, 2016

General Conference weekend.

Conference weekend was low key this year which is exactly what we needed.
 Saturday afternoon my parents invited us over to watch Conference with them.  First we had to take Pete on a few 4-wheeler rides.  Nine days post delivery and I was riding on the 4-wheeler - I needed some fresh air.
 Gregg, Eliot and Pete.
My brother and his family came to town from Michigan - they left their kids with my parents and are off to Japan to visit my other brother Nate and his family.  Gregg is a good sport to take the kids on 4-wheeler rides.
This is what happens when you put 4 kids to bed by yourself for the first time AND try to proof dough for cinnamon rolls!
{Gregg was away at the General Priesthood session}
 Truman stayed up to help me make the cinnamon rolls.  It was nice to have a buddy helping me in the kitchen.
He got so messy it required a second set of clothes :)
We got the cinnamon rolls all ready to bake and then put them in the fridge for the night.
Grandma and Norah "watching" conference.
Gregg and Pete playing blocks and watching conference.
Last Saturday night Norah and I enjoyed our first General Women's sessions {of many} together.  I love having a daughter!  We watched from the comfort of bed since I was only a few days post delivery.