Friday, April 15, 2016

1st Grade Program.

Today was the first grade program all about Midway.
Truman had a little tiny party that he had to memorize - in the above picture he is standing at the far right microphone.
He was so nervous {he takes after his mom}.
Here the kids are acting like puppets.
May pole.
The costumes were amazing.
There was a song about their grandpa's - here is Grandpa Quinn's cameo.  For some reason the picture of Truman and Grandpa Bob wasn't shown.
In the song about Dual Immersion Truman was in the mariachi band playing the drums.
He was so stinking cute up there with his hat on playing.
He didn't see me move to the center of the room to take pictures so towards the end of the song you see him turn around and look towards where I was sitting.
Truman and his classmates.
Truman and Jake.
Truman and Dash.

The above pictures were all from the morning performance for the school.  During lunch I got an email from Truman's teachers saying that a kid had gone home sick so Truman stayed inside during school lunch to learn his new part ... A DANCE!

Below are pictures I took at the 2 o'clock performance the kids did for their parents.

Truman and his dance partner Stella.
He wasn't about to stand any closer to her!!!
Maestro Shepherd's class.
I love how Jake had his arm around Truman in the center back!  Such good buddies.
Singing his little heart out!
{back row in orange}

I love when kids are performing and they look over to make sure you are watching :)
Speaking part ... I wish I would have recorded it since neither set of grandparents could make it.

Truman was so nervous the entire performance for his dance with Stella.  The video below is from Stella's mom.  I love how Stella just pushes Truman around :)

I wish I would have gotten a picture of his face as he walked back to his seat after dancing ... he looked so relieved!
Buddies Luke and Jake Woolstenhulme with Truman.
Our cute first grader.
And here is what Bodie thought of the performance.