Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break.

This last week was our spring break.
I have been worried about spring break for a long time knowing that we would have a new baby + all the kids home + my brother Anthony's two kids from Michigan here visiting.
It turned out to be such a fun week thanks to  a lot of help from others.
On Monday the kids played at grandpa and grandma Quinn's in the morning with cousins while I snuggled the baby and rested.  Later Truman taught me how to play Pokemon.  I do not understand the obsession with Pokemon AT. ALL.
Lots of baby loves for everyone.
Monday Norah had her first real photo shoot.  The Winters family is visiting from Georgia, David was so kind to come take some photos of Norah for me.  Dallin took the candid picture above.
Up until this point Pete hasn't really touched Norah but he has now realized he can poke ... we have to keep a close eye on him!
On Tuesday Gregg to the boys + Eliot and Ira to the Kamas Rec center to swim and climb.  
He texted me these great pictures.
Truman and his cousin Ira.
Cute Bodie - I wish it wasn't blurry.
Gregg is one good dad/uncle.
On Wednesday my mom took Truman, Bodie, Eliot and Ira and met my sister Tiffany at the dinosaur museum.  
Bodie, Nelson, Eliot, Truman, Ira and Anna.
Truman and Anna
McKay and Gregg went spring skiing one last time, they texted me this picture.
Apparently Gregg broke his poles while he was trying to get off the lift ... McKay said he was laughing so hard he had to find a bathroom!  
He as at the top of Deer Valley when it happened so he had to ski all the way down without poles.
Poor Pete had been cooped up in the house with me and Norah all week so we took Norah on her first walk in the stroller.
Pete LOVES being outside.
Our forsythia are so beautiful right now.
Gregg had a nice goggle tan after skiing for two days.
On Thursday Gregg took the kids to the zoo - but he didn't take any pictures :(
He met up with a dad {Travis} and his four kids from our ward.  They are expecting their fifth in a few weeks.  It was SO AWESOME of Gregg and Travis to take all the kids to the zoo so the new mom {me} and the super pregnant {Natalie} could rest with no kids.  I would have loves to see the two of them with 7 kids at the zoo!!!

On Friday McKay and Gregg skied again - they can't get enough and I don't blame them.
The kids played with Lego's ALL morning long.
Sometimes it's nice to not have a schedule or plans!
In the afternoon we all worked in the yard.  We mowed the lawn for the first time this season.
Eliot came over and played in the sandbox with Truman, Bodie and Pete.
It was pure little boy heaven.
My garden box ... of WEEDS :(
Friday afternoon Truman, Bodie and I met my mom, Ira and Eliot at The Train Station for dinner.
The kids ate and played while my mom and I sat in the sun and talked - it was perfect.
I left Gregg, Pete and Norah at home sleeping!  A win-win for everyone.
My sister-in-law Sharon brought me this chocolate peanut-butter eggs that she made {amazing} all the way from Michigan on the plane.  She said they were my "nursing calories"  - I ate them all week long and enjoyed every minute of it!
More Norah snuggles.  The boys love to sit in bed and hold her at night.
{Valley, Quinn, Addie, Bodie, Anna, Jean, Truman, Enoch, Ira, Eliot}

And finally on Saturday my DAD {such a saint} and Gregg {also a saint} took the kids to Provo to meet up with Hopkinson's for the BYU kids concert and ice cream.  They all had a blast!

What a fun memory filled week.