Sunday, April 10, 2016


 {Ira, Bodie, Valley, Addie, Eliot, Anna, Jean, Nelson, Truman, Pete, Enoch, Ester, Norah and Quinn}

It's not very often that my family can all get together.  Today we had everyone together except for Nathan and Lauren and their two kids Tagg and Hazel who are living in Japan.  We miss them.

No one was very happy about taking this picture, I really wanted one because we don't see Ira and Eliot that often because they live in Michigan.
The oldest, and most helpful cousins Quinn and Addie.
 Truman wanted in on their picture.
  The Hopkinsons.
Enoch, Quinn, Anna, Tiffany, Valley, Aaron, Nelson, Jean and Addie.
The boys saw the girl getting their picture taken and they wanted in on the action so they came up with this pose.

Love them.