Thursday, April 17, 2014


We got sand in our sandbox today!
Without me even realizing it he had found a truck and run outside to watch the sandbox be filled.  I thought it was so cute.  I had to run outside and take this picture.
Truck in hand waiting on the side.
 They were so excited they couldn't even wait for the workers to be finished.

 I told them the rule was that they had to strip down when they were done playing before coming in the house.  They did but then decided they wanted to go back out and play so they did in their unders.

I was telling Gregg all afternoon how excited I was to have a sandbox - and how no one has them anymore because of the sandy mess they make, I much rather have the sandy mess then the kids inside wanting to play electronics.  Tonight when I was cleaning up the kitchen after everyone was in bed there was a huge sand pile in Truman's seat.  I had to eat my words about the sandy mess ... it is going to be messy but I still don't think I would trade it!