Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Move. Part I

We moved.

No, our new house is not done.

The plan has always been to rent out our Turnberry house starting in the summer.

Because we knew we would be moving some time during the summer {and we didn't want any of our current furniture in our new house} we have been slowly cleaning out, selling and giving away stuff over the past 6 months.  The furniture and accessories I had left our renter bought from us!  Perfect.  We only had to take one piece of furniture to the consignment store.

So, that being said, moving was a little easier.
I am not going to lie - moving in 96 degree weather {and sometimes even hotter} is not fun.
There were a few grumpy moments by me.

And a HUGE thank you to my dad for helping us.
It was hot, and no one likes to move or help move.
We put everything in storage.
I tried to be as organized as possible so we could find things we might need!

 We rented a fully furnished 2 bedroom condo for the next few months.
It's about 50 yards from the condo my parents are renting while they build :)

The picture below is completely embarrassing, but I have to show what it is really like!
The move is over, and now I need to get us settled into this condo.

The fridge door is wide open - oops - I didn't even notice in this mess.