Saturday, July 20, 2013

Convention 2013.

I just spent that last few days at the Salt Palace in SL with some of my family at the 2013 Stampin'Up! convention.  My dad is on their board of directors.

I quickly snapped this picture of my dad being introduced at the opening session.  I love how the room full of thousands of screaming ladies cheers for my dad when he is introduced - and I love how they want their picture taken with him :)
This year Dallin came and was indoctrinated into the world of Stamping.
Lauren few in from San Francisco for the weekend just to attend convention with us!
We were all interviewed by the Stampin'Up! team for a video they made.
Here is one of the projects we made.
Dallin perfected the 'feathering' technique!
My friend Tami usually sneaks in for an afternoon of stamping - its become a tradition!
My dad is very detailed oriented so he makes a great crafter.
We were trying to finish so many projects in such a short amount of time that we convinced my dad to sit down and help in our rotation.
Some people are SO creative.
I always love looking at the thousands and thousands of ideas.