Thursday, July 11, 2013

7-11 on the road.

We are road-tripping today back to my roots for a Quinn family reunion.
 I introduced my kids {and Enoch} to slurpee's today because the date is 7-11 {and they are free}
Tonight we are staying at my grandpa and grandma Arave's house {my kids great grandparents}.  My grandpa helped the kids make a little jump for their bikes.
They thought it was pretty cool.
 The neighbors three miniature dogs came over to play.
 I am not sure who was more scared of who?!
 They loved chasing each other - it was kind of cute.
 Cooling off with drinks.
 Bodie loved looking at all my grandma's collectable dolls in the chest and Truman was 'teaching' my grandpa how to play basketball.  It was pretty funny.

In the picture above I am holding the green basket which we used as a hoop - grandpa was trying to make shots from his recliner, classic.  When he missed Truman would say "no grandpa, this is how you do it" and then he would proceed to make a shot - every time.
 I spy a little arm!

The boys thought it was pretty cool that they each got to sleep in their own bedrooms.
When I went to check on Bodie this is what I saw.
 This big huge book he was reading fell right on top of him when he fell asleep.
He looked so cute.
I love Truman's pile of books on the nightstand and all over the floor.

{the last few photos were from my phone}
After the kids went to bed my grandma and I did some late night reunion preparations -
three batches of chex-mix.