Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Swim Lessons.

We just finished 10 days of swim lessons - I am amazed at what the boys learned.

It helps that my kids adore Chad, he is a state swimming champ and in our ward.  I like my boys looking up to him {and his three brothers}.
 Bodie in the water and Truman getting ready.
This was Bodies first year of swim lessons - he learned a lot of basic pool safety, like coming to tell mom he is getting in the pool!
 He learned how to relax and float on his back.
{legs uncrossed, arms out and BREATHING - he kept holding his breath}
 Jumping in and popping up for a breath of air.
Head under water and blowing bubbles.

Truman learning to work his arms and legs together in a forward motion!
Trumans biggest accomplishment was learning to jump in, pop up for a breath of air and then get on his back and float.
Truman is really great on his back - I didn't get a picture but the kid can do the back stroke!
 My muscles mom.