Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quinn Family Reunion: Day Two.

Who does she think she is getting breakfast in bed 
(or breakfast in a tent)?!  That is one good husband.
Enjoying camp life.
The Rigby Quinn family wins the award for the best representation - they were only missing their brother Jordan who came up later in the day.
Jenny, Jake
Bailey, Natalie, Jordan (husband)
All the kids love great grandpa Quinn and he loves all the kids!
Anna and Jean.
Bodie getting a special quesadilla made for breakfast by Uncle Vaughn - he is so nice.
Grandpa Quinn and Bodie
More hugs from Great grandpa Quinn.
Addie did surgery (with her super clean hands) on a sliver in my finger.
Thanks Addie.
The afternoon hangout looked like this.
Manicures - by the professional!
Bodie wanted to know why he couldn't get his nails painted!
Super creative sandwiches for lunch made by my aunt Aldine.
After lunch we asked Grandpa Quinn to give us a life speech!
There was a lot of family together and we are not sure how often/ when that will happen again.
He bore his testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and also shared how it has blessed his life.