Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Potty Time.

I started potty training Bodie about a week and a half ago.  And in true Camille potty-training-fashion I was not planning on it or prepared, it just kind of happened.  My philosophy {so far} has been if they understand and can demonstrate how to start and stop it on their own, then we go for it.  So we did.
Doesn't that face just scream, "I'm a big kid now!"
Unfortunately for Bodie I didn't just cancel everything on the schedule and 'camp out' in the bathroom for a few days - he has had to learn as we continued on with life over the past week and he has done amazing!
His potty treat of choice has been mini tootsie pop suckers and balloons.
23 months and potty trained; I am one happy mama!