Friday, February 8, 2013

Big Band.

{Carmen and Shannon Timmins, Dallin, Lauren, Tiffany and Aaron Hopkinson, Camille and Gregg Simons, Paul and Valine Quinn}

 Every year Park City High School Jazz Band holds a large Big Band Galla to raise money.  Three of my four brothers payed the trumpet in the Varsity Jazz band so tonight was our last ever Big Band Galla {McKay's senior year}.  My dad bought an entire table and invited us all to celebrate.
 Valine and Paul.
 {Shannon, Lauren, McKay, Dallin and Tiffany.}
Nathan is in Brazil on business so just Lauren flew in to represent!  Her sisters Carmen and Shannon also joined us.  McKay is good friends with Carmen and Dallin and Shannon are friends at BYU.

 McKay standing up in the back playing his solo.
 Dallin stepping in for Nathan.
The Timmins Girls {well, three of them anyway}
Carmen, Lauren and Shannon

 This picture is for Nathan ... something about the way he always holds his hands in a photo?!

 I am not sure who took this picture of me and Gregg but like it! 

 McKay and Dallin had three dates!
 We missed you Nate.
Tiff and Aaron.