Thursday, February 21, 2013

Called to Serve...

My kids adore their uncle McKay {know as K-K}
Last week we got to have him at our house for a few days while my parents were out of town.
Truman insisted on doing "homework" with McKay.

The next morning McKay and Bodie were all snuggles.  My kids are going to miss McKay ... because ... he is going on a mission!  Now that men {more like little boys} can serve a mission at age 18, McKay can leave as soon as he graduates High School {in June}.

I got a text message from McKay today saying that his mission call is in the mail waiting for him ... he is in Michigan right now so he can't open it!  So ... the boys and I are headed to my parents condo to pick it up ... and ... I promised not to open it.  I waited four days to open my own mission call so I can be fully trusted with McKays call!

It is time to cast your guesses.  
Where in the world will Elder Quinn {#4} serve?

I am picking him up for the airport Friday night {along with the rest of the family} and then we are having a family get together at my house so he can open it.

Vote now and the person who guesses correctly will get a homemade care package from me!

Good Luck!

Don't forget to cast your votes!