Friday, February 22, 2013

Mexico City South Mission.

The call.
It came on Wednesday but McKay and my parents were out of town.
Tonight I picked them all up from the airport and we partied at my house.
It just so happened that Nate was also flying in to SLC tonight.
Here is a video of our family guesses.
Check out Nates response!
The call.
We are all freaking out after he reads his MTC date because it is 5 days after he graduates from High School!  Wow, crazy.
We did a Google+ chat with {left to right} Anthony and Sharon in Michigan, Ben Sumsion {friend in Park City}, more friends in Park City, Jake and Sarah Quinn in Chicago, Carmen Timmins {SLC}, and Lauren Quinn {in San Francisco}.
We also had two or three iPhones with a conference call going on.  I am not sure who all was on the phone.  
The gang at the house; Gregg {his knee is pictured far left}, McKay, Jason {friend from PC}, Dallin, Addie, Enoch, Truman, Tiffany, Bodie, Quinn, Anna, Jean, Valine, Nate, Paul and me!
It really is the prophets signature in ink!
McKays really good friend who has been investigating the church for a few years came to see him open his call.  He was so impressed that it was really the prophets signature.
We had brownies and ice cream after at McKay request.
His nieces and nephews are going to miss him so much.
Truman was quick to lend Mckay his spanish word book!
Dallin immediately started to quiz McKay on his spanish.
Studying up on Mexico City.
We had lots of guesses via Facebook, email and instagram.
The winners are, three year old little niece Jean Hopkinson, Jake Quinn and Tami Fife.
Your care packages are in the mail!

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