Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gregg's Birthday.

We have a birthday at our house today!
When I asked Truman and Bodie a few days ago what they wanted to give dad they said, 35 balloons - so this morning when dad was at work we blew up balloons!
Gregg wanted to take the kids bowling for his birthday and of couse Truman was good with those plans!  We had to make a not-so-quick stop at the DMV first for a new drivers licence.
Interesting way to bowl, but it works.

The boys chose a volleyball cake for Gregg
{I am going to be a master at ball cakes pretty soon!}

Gregg's parents came over and had pizza with us for dinner.
Hugs from his mom.
I took Truman and Bodie to the party store and let them pick out the party decorations, is anyone surprised its all balls?!

Happy Birthday to a great dad and husband.