Thursday, January 31, 2013


Wednesday during the snow storm we decided to get outside, get some fresh air, and shovel the driveway.   The boys were so happy especially considering how cold it way.
Throwing snowballs at mom.
We belong to an HOA that shovels our driveway and steps, so we don't go out very often to shovel them.
It was the perfect 'project' for us so we just might be doing it more often!
I can not get over how big Bodie looks in this picture shoveling snow.
And of course there was lots of eating snow.
After we shoveled the steps and the driveway we decided to make a snowman.  I forgot how much fun playing in the snow can be.
"Once there was a snowman"
This morning the much needed sun {vitamin D} came out and it has done wonders for my spirit - January can be so long and cold.