Monday, January 7, 2013

Love this kid...

 How could you not just love this kid?!  He is so cute and so silly.
This is his favorite doll/monkey {not sure what it is} at grandma and grandpa Quinns.  We spent a lot of time at grandma and grandpa Quinns the last two weeks helping them pack, move and sell stuff.
 As you can tell Bodie is loving dolls and stuffed animals, basically anything he can love on.
 Shopping with Uncle Dallin - twiners!
I do not know what is up with the button-the-top-collar trend.
We love hanging out with Dallin.  Anytime we are in Provo we call him up to shop with us or meet for lunch.
He was so excited for his final bath at grandpa and grandma Quinns that he jumped in when no-one was looking with his PJ's already on.  Good thing I had packed an extra pair this night.