Friday, January 4, 2013

BYU Volleyball.

 Tonight was the first BYU volleyball game and thanks to Uncle Chris and Aunt Tara we got to go!  Truman sitting with Grandpa Simons concentrating on the game.
 Gregg is still recovering from his tonsillectomy so Dallin came with us.

 That is our Uncle Chris, the coach.
Volleyball games are so fun to watch because they are so fast-paced.
 #1 coaches fan!

 Bodie was content sitting in his own chair clapping whenever everyone else did!
 I am not sure what was up with these crazy faces the student section was holding, but they were funny.
 The mini lolly-pops where a hit.

Congratulation to Chris and the team for a 3-0 win against Hawai'i.