Sunday, September 23, 2012


This weekend my grandpa and grandma Quinn came to town to visit so we all met up at my parents house in Park City to hang out and enjoy fall.
My brother Dallin bought this VW bus to fix up and sell.  It was the highlight of the weekend.

Lots and lots of rides for everyone!

Truman was introduced to army men by Enoch this weekend - they played from sun up {after having a sleep over together} to sun down when they crashed!
Like father, like son. Working on the suburban together.
Like father, like son. Working on the VW together!
Ann and her mom.
Tiffany really wanted a picture of grandpa Quinn {Anna's great grandpa Quinn} holding her with her crazy hair - apparently there is a picture of Tiffany at the same age looking the same way.  Anna wanted nothing to do with sitting on grandpa's lap.
Buddies - playing in the couch fort they made.
Love you Jean.
Jean was always on grandpa's lap snuggling.
Caught!  Borrowing grandma's toothbrush because he forgot his.