Sunday, September 16, 2012


Don't be fooled by this cute little boy saying "cheese" for the picture.
{he insisted on wearing Truman's baseball cap backwards all day - it was so stinkin' cute on him}

On Wednesday after we played in the pool all afternoon he was running around the house naked "drying off" when he peed right into my purse sitting on the kitchen floor.
Wednesday night we put him to bed - Gregg was laying down with Truman reading to him and I was headed out the door for a run when we heard a 'thud' and then a cry.  Bodie had climbed/fallen out of his crib and way laying on his back on the floor.  He is 18-months old and there is no way I am going to move him to a bed already.

Thursday morning everyone was ready to head out the door to music class.  I walked out of my bathroom to find that Bodie had stripped himself naked {including taking his diaper off} and was peeing on my bed.
Exhausted from playing with mom Friday morning while Truman was at preschool.
Truman in the slide at the park on Tuesday morning.

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* Post Update: Sunday night Bodie pooped in the bathtub and Monday night he pooped in Grandma's tub.