Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Gregg {taking the picture}, McKay, Lauren and Nate all went to a night time yoga class with me.  It was really good- and comical.  The instructor was always 'fixing' Nate's poses.  At one point she said "sir, you look like you are in a lot of pain" - it was so hard not to let out a little laugh!  Lauren fell asleep during one of the last poses and Nate had to nudge her to wake up and move on to the next pose.  When we did our final 10 minute meditation the instructor said "this is about mediation, not sleeping" and when ever McKay came out of a pose he would let out a long moan.  Thanks guys for supporting me {and humoring me} and coming to a yoga class!

Why can't boys be pregnant.

Nate, you are one good looking pregnant guy.

Look how happy Truman's face is in this picture!
{after yoga we made pizzas and hung out}