Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Truman's 8th Birthday.

 Truman turned 8 today!!!
How is it possible that I have an 8 year old?
Silly boy likes to eat "normal" non-breakfast foods for breakfast - today for his birthday he wanted a big pretzel complete with candles.
 Birthday excitement!
Scout shirt and book!
{I am getting old}
And new scriptures. In the picture of the right he is showing Bodie his favorite scripture.
{Turning 8 is expensive}!!!
Spanish English dictionary.
Birthday breakfast pretzel.
He is pretty excited about those scriptures, and so is Bodie.
Trying on his scout shirt.
Hugs from Pete for the birthday boy.
 Truman's isn't much of a dessert guy so all he wanted for his birthday "cake" was BYU sugar cookies.
 I wrapped them up individually so he could pass them out to his school class and to his soccer team.
For our birthday lunch date Truman wanted me to surprise him with a special lunch at school so I got one of his favorites, cheese pizza.
Truman's good friends Jake and Luke Woostlenhulme
What's not to love?!
After school at the bus stop the kids wanted to see my back-flip!
Whatever I can do to impress the 8-year olds :)
His best friends Jake and Luke stopped by after school to bring a birthday gift.
 Truman had an away soccer game on his birthday so after school it was off to soccer.
 Let's go Storm.
 An epic face plant for Truman.
 I love watching the boy play soccer.

 We were really hopping for a win on his birthday - but it didn't happen despite Truman's epic score.
We left the other kids with a sitter which made it nice to focus only on Truman.
 Only a mother could love that smile.
We took Truman out to Red Robin for his final birthday celebration.
Birthday Burgers.
Happy Birthday to our sweet  Truman.