Sunday, April 23, 2017

Netherlands: Overheen.

We are staying in the town of Overheen.
Our first night there we walked around the town and got aquatinted.
Heather and Ryan.
We walked down to this beautiful park.  Gregg said it is this green year round - it's just much, much colder in the winter.  I'm not sure how everything doesn't freeze.
The most beautiful color of green I have ever seen.
There was moss growing on this benche.
A few tiny blossoms.
Love this door - and that ivy.
Apparently Albert Heijn is 'the grocery' store where everyone shops.  Gregg was excited to check it out and relive the mission P-Day shopping days.
I think I have said this before, for some reason Fanta is so much better in a foreign country.
All the best Dutch food (from the grocery store) that Ryan, Heather and Gregg have been missing.  I am excited to try it all.
I found Heather in the cookie isle remembering all the goodies everyone used to offer them as missionaries.
Apparently this is "the cookie" that everyone had and offered the missionaries.
We walked from our house down to a local Indonesian restaurant that was recommended to us for dinner.  Indonesian food is really good in the Netherlands.
I tired to get a video of Gregg using his Dutch.
We drove to the beach to eat dinner - it reminds me of the Oregon coast.
Dinner at the beach.
Family style dinner.
It doesn't look that appetizing but it was AMAZING.  And it made the best leftovers a day later.
On our walk home we stopped to look at real estate, naturally.
This town is the cutest little town - the strangers part is that NO ONE was out on the street AT. ALL.
This is the house we rented.
Heather wanted to end the night watching Dutch TV, something they never did as missionaries.
They all wanted to see how much Dutch they could understand/follow after 20 years of not living here.
This is also a common sight - all of siting around the dining table at night talking, journaling, and planning our next days adventures.
We ended the night with REAL Magnum bars - another one of those European things that is SO MUCH BETTER when in Europe.