Monday, April 24, 2017

Netherlands: Keukenhof.

 We spend the morning at Keukenhof looking at all the tulips.
You will never see more pictures of tulips than right now!
The architecture of this building is beautiful.
We are finally here!
So happy!!
Gregg came here twice as a missionary for special mission p-days.

Gregg, me, Heather, Ryan
The individual tulips make a large tulip picture.
 I want my flowers to look like this this summer!
 The kissing heart of roses.
Did you ever do THIS as a missionary Gregg :)
 Love him!
 Flower motifs.
 Flower fashion.
I love it.
Flower library.
Flower photography.
Love it.
 Gregg and I both loved these blossoms.
Unfortunately we never got a great picture with them.
We climbed to the top of the windmill for a look.
This windmill was built in 1982.
 Beautiful tulip field across the canal.
This place is unreal.
 The girls on top of the windmill.
This trip has been unreal so far.
Ryan and Heather are so easy to be with.  I go to bed every night with sore abs from all the laughing and joking.  Plus its so fun to hear Gregg, Ryan and Heather talk about all their mission memories.
We had to try and recreate some mission photos while we were here.  We walked all over the place but could not find the two smaller wooden shoes so we oped for the big shoe photo.

I wish my yard looked like this!

This place is unreal.
Love this man.
I love all the different types of wooden shoes.
Time to eat some dutch waffles.

Happy Heather with her Dutch hot chocolate and waffles.
Happy, happy Gregg.
I love it.
And him.
One more photo recreation from the mission.
We walked all over looking for the location of the picture below of Gregg and Heather as missionaries.  The photo above was the best we could do.
Gregg and Heather 2017 || Elder Simons and Sister Hesssenthaler 1998
There were a few random wild animals roaming around.
Such a beautiful morning.
We saw tulips!