Monday, April 24, 2017

Netherlands: Haarlem.

Tulip fields.
Ryan stopped by the side of the road so I could see these fields for myself.
There really are tulip fields everywhere.
These tulips will be cut and shipped around the world and sold in stores with in 24-hours of leaving the Netherlands.
We drove to Haarlem after visiting Keukenhof.
Haarlem is beautiful.
The city has canals running through it just like Amsterdam.
We found a pastry shop to pick up some snacks.
I love watching Gregg speak Dutch.
The streets are so charming.
More fries with peanut sauce.  You can never have to many!
Heather and I spotted a chocolate shop so we ask our hubbies for some money!
This is what they cleaned out of their pockets for us.
Dutch Chocolate!
Don't worry we shared with everyone.
So good.
Very Dutch architecture.
I love the old churches and architecture.
It makes me wish I remember everything I learned in my European architecture classes.
The roads is Haarlem.
I've been looking for little Dutch kids and I finally found some cute little school kids.
Dutch doors.
We found this highly recommended cafe for a late lunch.
Such a cute cafe that two sisters run.
Such a good sandwich.
Now we are headed off to the Corrie ten Boom house.