Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Netherlands: Zaanse Schans.

There really are windmills everywhere!
We ended the day at the Zaans Museum.
So picturesque.
I can't get enough of the architecture.
Try saying that street name!!!
These tree's are amazing.  Taking a picture that captured the way they really look was hard but I think this picture just about does them justice.
I love how the wooden garden shoes are hung up for the evening above the watering can.
Perching ourselves on top of this larger than life wooden shoes was no easy task!
We slid right off.
And so did the Romano's who just seconds before were laughing at us for sliding off.
For dinner we stopped at De Hamelse Pannenkoek which was close to were we were staying.
The big crepe.
Such good food!!!
Gregg and I stayed home for the evening {and went to bed early .. we were TIRED}
Heather and Ryan went to visit a couple Heather taught while on her mission.