Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day Spa.

This morning I was invited to Bodie's school for a Mother's Day Spa.
When I arrived he served me a glass of fresh lemon water, he was so excited to have me there.
First I sat on a mat and enjoyed a really nice massage by Bodie.
Our friends Kristi and Annabelle were next to us - Kristi enjoyed her head massage!!
Next Bodie gave me a nice manicure.
Bodie decided a manicure looked kind of nice, he wanted to join in!
The kids sang for us and recited a poem,
and gave us homemade gifts.
Cute card with a picture of our family.
Love kid artwork.
That is me in the purple and Bodie in the blue.
I love Bodie.
He is a really good kid.
He was so proud to have me at school with him which made the morning really fun.
It was teacher appreciation week so we gave our teachers these oranges and notes written by the boys.