Thursday, May 12, 2016

Let's Play Music Recital

Tonight both Bodie and Truman had their year-end "Let's Play Music" recitals.
This is Bodie's cute first year class.
Both first year classes.
 Bodie's face!
This is the kids doing the Dinosaur song.
 Mrs. Emily's cute first years.
Mrs. Emily and Bodie.

 3rd years getting ready to perform their first compositions.
 Truman knew from the very beginning of the semester what he wanted his composition to be about, Lego's and Star Wars.  He loved playing around on the piano and coming up with the sounds he wanted for his piece. 
 Mrs. Emily helped Truman during his first private lesson and because of the birth of Norah {and our crazy schedule} my sister Tiffany {who also teaches LPM} helped him in his second private lesson were they worked together to finalize his piece.  He was lucky to work with his super talented aunt.

Mrs. Emily and Truman
 Most of these kids have been in the same music class for 4 years - they have become good friends.
 He cracks me up.
What a ham.
He was SO excited about the trophy that Mrs. Emily awarded him.
This is how excited he is to be graduating from Let's Play Music ...
and starting private piano lessons next week!  
No summer break here ... we are keeping with the momentum and starting piano right away.